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MUSSOORIE - - My Beeeautiful Hometown


Namaste and Welcome to my favourite place on earth, My hometown of Mussoorie. My name is Ranjeet Rustgi and this is the place where I spent 16 years of my life -- The Queen of Hill stations, MUSSOORIE. Mussoorie is located in the Shivalik mountain range in middle Himalayas in Northern India. There is a whole lot that I can write about this place but the nostalgia is almost overwhelming, not to mention the wave of emotions that overcomes my better sense, every time I talk about Mussoorie. In most parts of the world, that'll be considered almost too sentimental for a guy. And then again that wouldn't be something the visitors on this page would be looking forward to, but then again you never know :).

I am assuming that most of you reading this, are somehow connected to Mussoorie. There's also a fair chance that I don't even know who you are BUT at the same time there is an equally good chance that you could be someone I knew personally. There is also a finite possibility that someone totally unrelated or uninformed about the place could have either wandered here by accident or have been referred to by me. No matter how you got here, the truth of the matter is that either way, you made the effort to click on this page, and have gone through the pain of waiting for this to load up, and I really do hope that I can make your effort worthwhile.

I would highly recommend you take the time to read the ARTICLES I have assembled below (esp. if you've come here purely for informational purposes). Also take a look at my little PICTURE GALLERY to experience the magic of my hometown. In fact, it'll be a great idea for everyone to read the articles coz they will either refresh your memories of the place like they did for me, or they could provide you with just enough information for you to be able to create an image of the place in the blackboard of your imagination. One thing I am willing to bet though, is that by the time you are done reading them, you'd be dying to be there like I did, when I read them. Hell I am dying to be there even without reading them. Anyway, I'd better let you people go and feast your imagination, memories and eyes with the snaps and articles about Mussoorie.

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Mussoorie Picture Gallery

Articles on Mussoorie

History of Mussoorie ( of LBSNAA, The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration)

Charm of Mussoorie ( of Swagat Inflight Magazine, published by Media Transasia (India) Pvt. Ltd.)

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