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Kanchey (Marbles) .  Phugadi (Keekli)

 Kanchey (Marbles)      

  How Many Players :  

Played all over the country, kanchey is one of the most popular traditional Indian games. All you need is a set of kanchey (marbles or small colored glass balls about 1 cm in diameter) and an open space. A shallow hole is dug in the ground and the objective of the game is to throw the marbles into the hole. - How to aim? - Stretch back the forefinger of your left hand using the forefinger of the right hand and the thumb to grip the marble. Now pull the marble towards you and then push your left forefinger to release the marble with force in the desired direction. Remember, while pushing the marble, your left thumb should firmly touch the ground.

  How To Play :  

Who plays first? - To decide which child gets the first turn, two lines are drawn on the ground - one about half a foot and the other three feet away from the hole. The players stand at the second line and try to throw their marbles into the hole. The person who's marble is closest to the hole gets to play first. Each player contributes two marbles. The first player holds them in one hand and throws them together aiming at the hole. Some marbles may fall into the hole. The other children then choose a marble from those outside the hole and the first player is asked to hit the selected marble with another marble that belongs to him. If he succeeds, he wins all the marbles. If not, he gets those in the hole and the one with which he hit. The next player takes his turn with the remaining marbles. The player who ends with the largest number of marbles is the winner.

  Warning :  

  Variation :  

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