Blanchette - Roberts Family Tree ca 1670 to 1950

(Yellow areas are discussed in Memoir)


France (?) and England--Probably Huguenot refugees  and wool workers

Benjamin Blanchet(b. ca 1673(France?--d. ?)and    Marie Andre begat Benjamin Blanchet(b. 19 Apr 1702 --d. ?) Benjamin Blanchet was born in Bethnal Green England


Benjamin Blanchet and Charlotte Beaudemont begat Daniel Blanchet(b.4 Dec 1726) Born in Bethnal Green, England


Daniel Blanchet and Sarah ?? (m.??)begat Thomas Blanchett(b. Oct 1772)

England Thomas Blanchett and Isabella Blair m 1796 begat Thomas Blanchett b ca 1803. This (1803) Thomas was born in Middlesex, England, enlisted in East India Company Army and went to India in 1817.  He probably lied about his age to join the army.
England, Wales and India  





Robert Roberts b ~1780(Wales) d1817(India)

m 1806

Elizabeth Ruek b~1780?(India?)

begat Edward Roberts

India Thomas Blanchett  b ~1803 (England) d 1863 (India)


Hannah Boughton     b~1815 (India?)                

begat Thomas Blanchett

Edward Roberts  b1809 d 1857(India)

married 1833

Isabella Massey b~1815 (India?)

begat Alexander Roberts

India Thomas Blanchett  b 1838 d 1885 (India)

Married 1862

Ethel Maud Gardner b~1840 (India?)

begat William Blanchette(India)

Alexander Massey Roberts b1852 d1920(India)

Sarah Blower b~1850(India?)

begat Clarence Roberts(India)

India William Blanchette b 1875 d~1923 (India)

m 1904

Clemence Adeline Baptiste b 1881(India) d~1960(England)

begat Eugene Adolphus Blanchette(India)

Clarence Herbert Roberts b 1875 d~1935 (India)

m 1901

Lillian Nierces b~1885(India) d~1960 (England)

begat Diamond Roberts

India and England Eugene Adolphus Blanchette b1906(India) d1985 (England)


Diamond Roberts b1912 (India)

begat Eugene Aubrey Blanchette(India)

England Eugene Aubrey Blanchette b1933(India)

m 1956 (England)

Eleanor Anna Valerie Barton b 1933(England)